Milk indigestion among infants : Home remedies to avoid initial vomiting !


Mother’s milk, as we all know,  is a complete diet and best food for babies up to age of 9-12 months. It contains all  the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that are required to the baby. As your child complete 6 months of age, it is a right time to introduce cow’s milk to them. Babies can digest cow’s milk as completely or easily as breast milk. Cow’s milk contains high concentrations of protein and minerals. In addition, cow’s milk does have the right amounts of iron, vitamin C, and other nutrients for infants. But it can be given before 6 months of age if required.

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Milk indigestion is basically the condition in which the cow’s milk is not processed properly by the body. The common symptoms of milk indigestion in toddlers and kids are Bloating of stomach, Vomiting milk or curdled milk, Pain or discomfort in stomach after consuming milk and diarrhea etc.

The problem of milk indigestion is quite common among babies and generally, mother’s are unaware of the fact that there are various home remedies that are very easy yet effective and avoid initial vomiting and diarrhea among babies and most importantly, the remedies are close to your kitchen…tadaa..! SO, here are the remedies :


To avoid initial vomiting and diarrhea among kids, feeding mother’s should keep in mind certain do’s and don’ts of breast feeding :



  1. Mothers who are breast feeding their babies should avoid drinking water after the meal, instead they should try to drink a glass of water 15 minutes before feeding their babies as it is helpful in preventing vomiting and Diarrhea problem among babies.
  2. While feeding their babies, mothers should always feel happy & light hearted and should avoid any kind of mental stress or anger.
  3. Mothers should also avoid feeding their babies immediately after taking bath or immediately after head wash.
  4. After feeding their baby, mother should  put baby over their shoulder letting him “sit” on your forearm held against your chest. Now gently pat him on the back preferably from downwards to upwards direction. Burping your baby can help releasing gas trapped in your baby’s stomach.

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Pippali  – Long Pepper is a very unique spice. It has all qualities of a typical spice like useful in indigestion, asthma, cough etc. Using this useful spice while making milk for your baby will help your baby digest it properly.


  • Take 200 gm of milk and add 1 long pepper into it.
  • Bring the milk to a boil and switch off the gas.
  • Strain the milk or pop out the pippali from milk and feed it to your baby.
  • Long pepper will diminish the existing defects in milk and make it favorable for your baby avoiding initial vomiting and diarrhea among them.
  • It is also helpful in spleen recovery of your baby.



Fennel seeds is one of an amazing herb beneficial for both the mother’s as well as their babies .They aid digestion in small babies and improve digestion,provide relief from constipation, acidity and bloating among mothers. All you need is:


  • Adding 1/2 tsp of fennel seeds in a cup of milk, while preparing it for your baby will make the milk lighter and digestible.
  • OR One can also soak a tsp of fennel seeds in 1/2 cup of water and soak it for overnight. In the morning, strain the water and add this water in a little quantity to your baby’s milk.




Green_CardamomCardamom, the green little pod infuses an amazing flavor and aroma to the milk along with a lot of health benefits like Improving digestion, Relieving the symptoms of respiratory illness, Detoxifying the body, Relieving weakness etc.

  • Add the cardamom pods and seeds after separating them into the milk and bring it to boil.
  • Strain the milk and feed it to your baby.
  • It will make the milk lighter, tasty and easily digestible.



Barley also known as ‘jau’ or ‘sattu’ is a major cereal grain having extreme health benefits. Barley water is a traditional herbal tea made out of these barley pearls and consumed in various parts of world.


  • TO MAKE BARLEY WATER : Take 500 gm of water in a pan and add 4-5 tsp of pearl barley to it. Bring it to boil and then cook for 4-5 minutes on simmer gas. Strain and decant the water without disturbing the pearls at the bottom. Cool it down & barley water is ready.
  • Adding a little quantity of barley water to baby’s milk will make the milk much more healthy and nutritious, easily digestible and prevent stomach problems among babies.



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