Body itching : home remedies to soothe your skin !!

ITCHING also referred as ‘PRURITUS’ is basically an uncomfortable sensation on the skin that causes a desire to scratch. It can either effect a particular skin area or can be present throughout your body.

Well !! the problem is quite common and can be caused due to dry weather that takes away all you skin’s moisture, over exposure to sun in summers, dry skin, skin allergies, insect bites or other reasons such as Pregnancy, Menopause, Contact with harsh detergents, Lack of hygiene etc

While constant itching can give you temporary relief but the Results can be maddening and can leads to bruises, redness and sore skin. Hence it is required to follow some easy home made treatments to relieve the itching sensation & soothe your skin.


Coconut oil is said to be a natural moisturizer and when combined with camphor (also commonly known as kapoor), promises instant relief from body itching and soothes your skin. All you need is :5-Ways-To-Use-Coconut-Oil-For-Hair-Care

  1. Coconut Oil – 100 gm
  2. Camphor – 5 gm
  3. Take a bottle, add coconut oil and camphor to it.
  4. Close the lid and shake the bottle well.
  5. Put this bottle in sun for sometime, so that both of them mixed very well together & it is ready.

      NOTE :

  • Simply massage this oil on your body and take bath after some time.
  • It promises relief from itchy skin due to dryness and also provide relief from red skin or ring worms etc.
  • Instead of massaging, You can also add 10 drops in this oil in water and then take bath with that water as it is also helpful.



Triphala powder, being one of the widely used Ayurvedic product, is also said to be great in treating body itching and other skin allergies.


  • Consume a tsp or 4 gm of triphala powder along with warm water or warm milk.
  • Consume it either in morning while empty stomach or before bed time.
  • Have it daily till you get relief.
  • Avoid eating oily or spicy food.
  • Along with consuming it, you can soak this triphala powder for overnight and use this water after straining, to wash your effected area such as itchy head, itchy vagina or itchy eyes.

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Combination of black pepper with cow ghee is also said to be an age old and effective remedy to treat body itching. All you need is :


  1. Black pepper powder – 1 gm
  2. Cow ghee – 10 gm
  3. Mix it well and have it.
  4. It is great in curing various skin allergies like itching, ring worms and also eliminate the bad effects of toxins from our body.
  5. Consume it daily while empty stomach in morning for regular 21 days.
  6. Try not to eat anything at least 2 hours after that.


♥  NEEM :

The presence of Quercetin enables the neem leaf & bark to act as  anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory agent.  It also acts as an astringent, cooling, and soothing agent. All these properties put together enables it to heal itching, even in acute cases of eczema, psoriasis by following any of the below mentioned remedies..:


  1. Take 100 gm of neem leaves and boil them in 600 gm of water for 10-15 minutes. Strain it and use this water to take bath daily or till you get relief.
  2. Simply take a neem bark and rub its inner side on hard surface along with some water to get smooth paste. Apply this paste on any kind of skin allergies, boils and itchy skin  to get relief.
  3. Another very effective remedy using neem leaves include.., Take 21 neem leaves, 11 whole black pepper and 60 gm of water and blend it all together. consume it twice a day for regular 7 days. It will cure all skin issues including itching along with purifying your blood.

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