bad breath : easy home remedies to get rid of it!!

Have someone ever told you that – you have a bad breath? oh noo…

Bad breath also referred as halitosis is a common problem, in which a person generally has unpleasant smelling breath. It can be very embarrassing on you and tough on others around you.

Although improper oral hygiene is one of the major cause behind it but there are a dozen of other reasons  as well such as : diabetes, liver disease, respiratory tract infections, acid reflux, digestive disorders or some gum diseases etc.

The problem might seems petty but can harm your self esteem, so it is required to get rid of it ASAP. One can use home made treatments that are easy to use and works amazingly to cure that bad breath. A few of them are as follows :


♥  LEMON :

Lemons, being a part of citrus family, are high in acids and very beneficial in curing bad breath. It prevents the growth of bacteria in mouth. All you need is :


  1. 1 glass of normal water
  2. juice of 1 lemon

     NOTE :

  • Pour the lemon juice into the water and stir it.
  • Use this water to rinse your mouth thoroughly.
  • Do it preferably in the morning.
  • Follow it regularly for 1-2 weeks to get the desired results.




Fennel seeds are also said to be a great remedy to bad breath. On one side, Chewing fennel seeds help in resolving various digestive problems while on other side ,it act as natural anti-microbial that fight the bacteria and prevents bad breath.fennel-seeds-538147

          NOTE :

  • Chew half a tsp of fennel seeds after lunch and dinner.
  • It is beneficial in bad breath due to digestive disorder.
  • It is also great in dry cough and hoarse voice.



♥  CLOVE :

Clove, being a carminative herb, is said to be stomach friendly. It is great in curing various digestive disorders and most importantly, keep that bad breath at bay!16877349-close-up-pile-of-clove-buds-Stock-Photo 

  • Put 1 clove in your mouth and bite, so that the juice is released and then suck it inside your mouth.
  • This has to be done after your meal in the morning as well as evening.
  • Cloves can also help to get rid of tooth ache, arthritis pain and mouth ulcers.




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