Diarrhea or loose motion : easy home remedies to cure it !!

Frequent passage of loose and watery bowel may be 3 or more times a day and sometimes accompanied by Cramps in abdomen, loss of appetite, Reduction in urine quantity, nausea, Low BP, fever or weakness are quite a few symptoms that indicate that a person is might suffering from common stomach disorder known as loose motion or diarrhea.

There are dozens of reasons why you might get this stomach disorder such as Viral or bacterial infections, overeating, eating spicy or difficult to digest food, Body’s reaction to certain food items or medicines, especially antacids etc

Although the problem is quite common and can be cured easily at home by using some of the easy home remedies, it can become an alarming issue if not cured at an early stage. so here are a few easy yet effective remedies to get rid of this painful situation :


Isabgol when combined with curd reacts differently. Instead of softening the stool, it adds bulk and helps solidify loose stool followed by healing the underlying cause of diarrhea. All you need to do is:2859269e988d1c7f29ed9bf0b435e48e

  1. Mix 5-10 gm or 1-2 tsp of isabgol with 125 gms of curd.
  2. Consume it twice a day i.e. in the morning and evening.
  3. It reduces intestinal distress and solidify your stool.
  4. Isabgol is also very beneficial in problems like cramps or dysentery.


  • The person should take complete rest.
  • He should not eat solid food for at least 2 days or if not possible can eat curd rice or khichdi.
  • He should be given chaas or matha 2-3 times a day.


Ginger is another great remedy when it comes to various kinds of stomach disorders including diarrhea. But it is important to note that it gives instant relief only if taken in a right way. In order to cure the painful situation of loose motions or diarrhea, one should:gingertea-1024x683

  1. Take half cup of boiling water.
  2. Add 1 tsp full of fresh ginger juice to it.
  3. Have it sip by sip.
  4. Follow it after every one hour till you get relief.
  5. It will leave you with instant results.


The duo of of fennel seeds and cumin seeds, being carminative herbs, also work wonders in curing this chronic problem. All you need to do is :close-up-of-fennel-seeds-and-cumin-seeds-in-a-tray-efxmac

  • Take  both of them in equal weight and dry roast them.
  • Make a fine powder out of it.
  • Consume 3 gm of this powder with normal water, after every 3 hour till you get relief.
  • It works amazingly in curing loose motion easily.


Also popularly known as amalaki and haritaki are a great remedy in curing diarrhea within few usages. All you need is :

Ayurvedic fruits, Amla and Haritaki

  1. Dried amla or amalaki – 10 gm
  2. Dried black harad or haritaki – 5 gm


  • Take both of them in a blender and make fine powder out of it.
  • Store it in an air tight bottle.
  • Consume 1 gm of this powder with normal water.
  • Consume it twice a day i.e in the morning as well as in evening.
  • Person will get relief with only  3-4 doses of it.


  1. Consuming 200 gm of chaas containing 1 gm roasted cumin seeds powder and 1/2 gm black salt preferably after lunch is good to go.
  2. Consuming curd mixed with roasted cumin seeds powder or chewing roasted fennel seeds after lunch are also great in all those stomach disorders.
  3. Applying ginger juice on your belly button also works well in diarrhea.

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