Stomach Ache : Home remedies to soothe the pain and discomfort..

Stomach ache also referred  to as abdominal pain is one of a common problem that all of us experience some or the other times in our lives. There are dozens of reasons why you might get a tummy ache such as indigestion, inadequate eating habits, acidity, flatulence, etc. Assuming  the mild stomach ache you are dealing with, here are some of the easy yet very effective home remedies to sooth the pain and discomfort :


  • There are a certain carminative herbs whose main action is to soothe our stomach. They are great for digestion. Carom seeds(ajwain) is one of them, that stops the growth of bad bacteria causing indigestion and pain. All you need is :PicMonkey Collage
  • Carom seeds powder  (6 part)
  • Black salt powder (1 part)
  1. Mix both the ingredients in 6:1 ratio and store it in a bottle.
  2. Consume 2 gms or 1/2 tsp of this mixture along with a glass of  warm water.
  3. It will provide instant relief from stomach ache due to acidity, gas or indigestion.
  4. Give in half quantity to children.



Amritdhara is a herbal extractions based on Ayurvedic preparation that is effective in relieving excess flatulence, stomach gas, stomach pains and abdominal bloating. It is also effective in cases of distension and heaviness in the stomach. It can be available easily from medical store or herbal product store. All you need to do is :PicMonkey Collage

  1. Add 3-4 drops of herbal Amritdhara to normal water and drink.
  2. May be taken thrice a day or even hourly in case of acute cases.
  3. For greater effect, the Amritdhara drops may be added to a (patasa) sugar drop candy and eat.




Mint leaves, ginger and lemon are all known to be stomach friendly. When all of three are combined in one shot, it will become a power pack remedy. All you need is :ginger_lemonade3

  • Ginger juice  1 tsp
  • Lemon juice  1 tsp
  • Mint leaves juice  1 tsp
  • Luke warm water  1/2 cup
  1. Take 1 tsp each of ginger, lemon and mint leaves juice.
  2. Mix it with 1/2 cup of luke warm water.
  3. It instantly soothe the pain and discomfort due to gas, acidity or indigestion.



♥  POMEGRANATE  SEEDS :pomegranate_1_Pomegranate seeds are also very effective in aiding  stomach problems. All you need to do is just sprinkle a little black salt and black pepper over pomegranate seeds and have it. You are not supposed to chew them but suck it inside your mouth.


Along with above said treatment , you can also follow this treatment of applying a few things on your navel to get instant relief.


  • Asafoetida : Make a paste with the help of hing powder (Asafoetida) and water. Then, apply it to your belly button and lay down to rest for a few minutes. This will allow the release of gas from the body and will relieve you of any abdominal pain.
  • Ginger Juice : Another great home remedy for abdominal pain is to apply ginger juice around the belly button.
  • Oil : Dip a cotton ball in some herbal oil or pure mustard oil and keep this oil containing cotton ball on your belly button and rest for few minutes. You can also also put a loose bandage over it to avoid displacement.









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