Diarrhea in Babies : Easy Home Remedies


DIARRHEA among babies can be a serious cause of concern for parents. Babies most commonly face this problem during 3 months to 2 year. A baby’s stool normally have different textures, colors, and odors based on what the baby is eating. A baby’s stool is normally loose compared to an adult’s but a much looser or more watery stool, 3 or more times a day is a serious issue.


Diarrhea can alter the normal balance of water and salts in baby’s body. When too much water and electrolytes are lost in diarrhea, babies can become dehydrated and it can happen very quickly in babies — within a day or two after the diarrhea starts — and it can be very dangerous, especially in newborns. However this problem rarely occurs and arises only when no remedies were followed at beginning stage.


  • Dry  tongue or mouth
  • Unusual breathing
  • Irritability or exhaustion
  • vomiting
  • Urinating less often than usual (fewer wet diapers)
  • No tears when crying
  • High fever
  • blood or pus in stool



In case of severe dehydration, Your child’s health care provider might recommend that you give your baby an oral re-hydration salt solution (ORS). These solutions, which you can buy at your local supermarket or drug store, is a mixture of glucose, salt, baking soda and potassium chloride according to formula given by WHO to treat dehydration.


  • During diarrhea, one should not stop giving milk to their babies and specially if it is mother’s milk because it reduces the chances of dehydration and is itself a useful remedy to cure diarrhea.


Other things to be added to baby’s diet such as:

  • Mashed Banana (for kids below 2 years)

1 mashed banana

  • Plain Rice with yogurt (for kids above 2 years)


  • (light) Rice Mush(khichdi) with yogurt

1 (1)


  • fresh fruit juices and vegetable soups


  • More fluids like: normal water, coconut water, Moong dal water etc

Coconut Water

  • Do not give solid foods immediately after the baby get some relief rather begin with some semi solid food like light dalia (broken wheat) or light rice mush (khichdi) and then slowly comes to solid food.



SALT-SUGAR SOLUTION : When the baby is suffering from diarrhea, they loose essential salts from the body along with water. So make a mixture of salt, sugar and water and Feed this to your baby to replenish body salts. 

  • HOW TO MAKE SALT SUGAR WATER AT HOME : Take 200 gms of water and put it on gas to boil. Once the water comes to boil, Add a pinch of salt, a pinch of baking soda (if available), 1 tsp of sugar, 1/2 tsp of glucose or jaggery (betel nut size). stir it well, switch off the gas & strain it and pour into a glass bottle.
  • feed about 1-2 tsp of this solution every half an hour to your baby and whenever the baby feels thirsty.
  • This homemade salt-sugar solution is effective for 12 hours only after which you have to make a fresh solution.
  • Continue feeding this solution to your baby till getting relief.



If your baby is having loose as well as pale yellowish stool (specifically in summers), then fennel seed water can be a great remedy. It is not only effective in curing loose stool but also helps in others stomach related problems like gas, indigestion or stomach ache.Fennel-seed-home-remedies-to-improve-eyesight

  • HOW TO MAKE FENNEL SEED WATER: Take 100 gms of water, add 2 gms of fennel seeds powder along with equal quantity of crystallized sugar lump(mishri) powder to it. let it rest for about 1 hour. strain out the water.
  • feed 1 tsp of this water after every 1 hour.
  • provide instant relief during diarrhea.





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