Baby Care & Food tips (7 months to 1 year)

During this stage of your child’s life, one can see following symptoms that conveys their good health and adequate growth.

  • During 7-8 m – Babies will start sitting (with support) & start switching things between their hands.
  • During 8 m -The upper four front teeth, will pop up.
  • During 9 m – start sitting  (without support) and will utter first few words.
  • During 10-11 m – will start crawling and began to stand with support.
  • At end of 1 y – will start uttering few more words and also understanding them.


MOTHER’S MILK : Now as your baby has completed his 6 months, so it is the right time to introduce solids to your baby BUT…along with the mother’s milk because at this age only mother’s milk is not sufficient to meet the diet requirements of your baby. Mother’s milk can be given up to 9 months but it can be extended to 12 months, if your baby is weak or underweight.


1 mashed bananaMASHED BANANA : Bananas are an excellent choice for infants trying out solid foods for the first time because they offer numerous health benefits. Aside from that, babies love them because they are soft and easy to digest. Not to mention, babies enjoy their sweet taste!

Adding a pinch of fine cardamom powder to mashed bananas is advised, if babies are facing any problem digesting them moreover it also helps in preventing constipation among babies.

483426522_XSINTRODUCING COW’S MILK : Babies can digest cow’s milk as completely or easily as breast milk. Cow’s milk contains high concentrations of protein and minerals. In addition, cow’s milk does have the right amounts of iron, vitamin C, and other nutrients for infants. But it is advisable to add equal quantity of water to equal quantity of milk at early stage and then later on reduce the quantity of water to milk as the baby grows as it will help in easily digesting the milk. cows milk can be given before 6 months of age if required.


MAKING MILK EASILY DIGESTIBLE TO AVOID INITIAL VOMITING AND DIARRHEA  : At this stage, when your baby completes 6 months, it is advised to give cow’s milk along with mother’s milk to babies. but sometimes the babies could not easily digest it and leads to vomiting and diarrhea. One can use below mentioned tips to make cow’s milk easily digestible to your babies : 

  • To make cow milk easily digestive to babies, one can boil few fennel seeds into the milk and feed it to your babies.OR
  • you can also boil long pepper (chotti peeper) in milk and feed that milk to your babies.OR
  • You can simply add some quantity of barley water to milk and give it to you baby.It will not only make milk easily digestive to baby but make it more nutritious and prevent stomach ache in babies.




SPOON VS BOTTLE FEEDING : It is advisable to feed your baby with spoon instead of bottle. If due to some reason spoon feeding is not possible then you can use feeding bottles but make sure to clean feeding bottles well by boiling them.




fingerfoods_wideSEMI SOLIDS : Along with cows milk & fruits and vegetable juices, It is the right time to introduce your young infants to semi solids. Semi solids should include boiled rice, rice kheer (dessert), boiled potato, boiled carrot, banana shake or puffed rice etc.

However  after completing 9 months, the babies can be given khichdi, dalia (broken wheat), yogurt, idli, sabudana, buttermilk, boiled pulses and other boiled vegetables. Try to give these to your babies in less quantity initially and then increase its quantity as per baby;s age and need.

After some time , try to give your babies, fruits cut into small pieces instead of mashing to introduce chewing habit in them.


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