Baby Care and Food (From 4-6 Months)


Your baby has completed its 3 months and is really becoming a little own person at 4 months and will be showing you they truly have their own unique personality.This is one stage that, I know, can be very crucial yet challenging  for many parents.

Parents during this stage usually wonder about

  • ”what diet should be given to their child?”
  • ”what should be the right weight for their baby?”and most importantly
  • ”what things other than mother’s milk should be given to their baby to make his heart as well as brain healthy?”

Here are few questions answered on baby food and care during 4-6 months :



MOTHER’S MILK : During the age of 4-6 months of baby, mothers should continue to give their babies mother’s milk. Mother’s milk can be given up to age of  9- 12 months. As the baby grows during 4-6 months, so does the quantity of mother’s milk to meet their requirement.




HONEY : Try to give 4 drops of honey to the baby  as the first thing, immediately after the baby wakes up in the morning. It is very effective in preventing various diseases and gaining weight.


how-to-use-almond-in-beauty-routine.jpgSOAKED ALMOND : Take a soaked almond, peel it and rub it on a hard surface (just like rubbing sandalwood on a hard surface) to form a fine paste. Now feed this fine paste to your baby in the morning around 9-10 o’clock by using your finger. It is very useful for your baby’s healthy heart and brain but make sure that the almond should not be bitter and it should be a too fine paste.




ORANGE JUICE : In the afternoon, take a full orange, peel it and make juice out of it. Sieve it and feed it to your baby OR you can mix two tsp of water to 2 tsp of orange juice and feed it to your baby during the 4th month and  keep on reducing the quantity of water and increasing the quantity of orange juice slowly as the baby grows. Orange juice is very effective in making your baby strong, healthy and muscular along with lightening the complexion of  his skin.



VEGETABLE SOUP : You can also give vegetable soup such as tomato, carrot, spinach or moong dal soup to your baby but try to give in a little quantity during 4th month and increase the quantity as baby grows.



mediumLYING ON STOMACH  :  During the 4th month, mothers should make their babies lie down on their stomach but for not more than 3 minute a day although this time period can be increased as the baby grow. lying on stomach for some time is very beneficial for your baby as It will broaden their chest, improves digestion and helps in other stomach related problems.



OIL  MASSAGE : Try to give oil massage to your baby daily or if not possible at least 2-3 times a week. Massage should be given preferably in the morning before giving bath to your baby. One can use mustard or olive oil to give massage. Oil massage is very important for your baby as it will make their bones strong and healthy.




IDEAL BODY WEIGHT : A healthy baby has an average weight of around 2500 gms or 2.5 kg at the time of birth.  At the end of 4 months, an average weight should be double the weight during birth or  around 5 kgs. And at end of 1 year, it should be three times of weight during birth or around 8.5 kgs.








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