Baby care & Food (From Birth to 3 Months)

It is popularly said that a lady will become complete only after becoming a mother. Becoming a mother is one of the best feeling in world and taking care of your newly born  is most probably the another best feeling.

Babies care & nutrition is a  very important yet challenging task for the mother specially for the new mother. Every parent want that their child to be healthy and happy. Babies should be given proper diet and care, specially in first 6 months.



  • MOTHER’S MILK – A COMPLETE FOOD : Mother’s breast milk a complete diet and best food for babies till 6 months. It contains all  the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that are required by a baby. 
  • MOTHER’S FIRST MILK (COLOSTRUM) : A newly born baby should be given mother’s first milkas soon as possible preferably within 2-3 hours. Mother’s first milk is said to be very important for the newly born child because it has life giving powers. It contains such elements that not only provides required nutrition to the baby but also help preventing and flight off illness and other problems.


  • GAP BETWEEN FEEDING : Mothers should feed their baby after a gap of 2-3 hours or when the baby cry, from the very first day of their birth.
  • AVOID WATER TO BABIES FOR FIRST 3 MONTHS : For the first 3 months,when the baby rely completely on mothers milk, there is no need of giving water or any kind of gripe water to your baby as mother’s milk is a complete diet for your baby.
  • DO’S AND DON’TS OF DRINKING WATER BY MOTHER : Mothers who are breast feeding their babies should avoid drinking water after the meal, instead they should try to drink a glass of water 15 minutes before feeding their babies as it is helpful in preventing vomiting and Diarrhea problem among babies.



  • MENTAL STATUS OF MOTHER WHILE FEEDING THEIR BABIES : While feeding their babies, mothers should always feel happy & light hearted  and should avoid any kind of mental stress or anger.
  • DON’TS OF BREAST FEEDING : Mothers should also avoid feeding their babies immediately after taking bath or immediately after head wash.


  • DON’T FORGET TO BURP YOUR BABY : After feeding their baby, mother should  put their baby over your shoulder letting him “sit” on your forearm held against your chest. Now gently pat him on the back preferably from downwards to upwards direction. Burping your baby can help releasing gas trapped in your baby’s stomach.
  • Babies can be given mother’s milk up to the age of 9 months but if your baby is weak and underweight, then it can be given mothers milk up to 12 months.






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