Home Remedies for Weight Loss…

Excess weight or Obesity, now a days, has become one of the major problem being faced by most of people. It is root cause of many other diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and other many problems. 

There is no definite cause of this problem but it is mostly attributed to poor lifestyle, eating processed foods high in fat, overeating, lack of physical activity, lack of proper sleep, and other similar habits. Genetic factors and hormonal problems also tend to increase the risk of developing obesity. 

But this problem of excessive weight increase is not so vulnerable that we cannot dealt with it. One can follow these simple yet very effective home remedies to weight loss and get a curvy body:


Lemon juice along with honey is one of the best home remedy for weight loss. It helps improve digestion and remove toxins from your body that slow down your metabolism. All you need is :

  1. Lemon Juice   15 gms  or half lemon
  2. Honey     15 gms or 2 tsp
  3. Water      125 gms

Firstly boil the water and let it cool down a bit. Once it cools down (should be luke warm) add lime juice and honey to it. Stir well and have it immediately.14-reasons-to-drink-warm-water-with-lemon-and-honey-in-the-morningNOTE :

  • Consume it daily in the morning while empty stomach.
  • follow it regularly for at least 1-2 months.
  • It is very effective in removing excess fat from all over your body.
  • It will improve your digestion and also useful in other stomach related problems.




This is the another most effective and inexpensive method to lose weight. Drinking water as we all know is good for our body and when it comes to losing weight ,it becomes necessary. But it is also necessary that one should drink it in right way and at right time. So, all you have to do is :

Immediately after your meal ( breakfast and lunch) drink a mug full (125 gms) of hot water. Water should be hot enough and one should have to drink it sip by sip. Following this routine will not only remove excess fat from your body but also balance your body weight.Drinking-hot-waterNOTE:

  • Follow this routine for about 2 months but not more than that.
  • Drinking hot water is also a very useful remedy in problems like joint pain and arthritis.
  • It increase the rate of urination hence flushes out unwanted and toxic material from our body.





Long pepper, also known as the Indian long pepper, is a herb that prominently features in Ayurvedic medicines, also popularly used as a spice and in seasoning mixes. It is very helpful in losing weight and getting curved body when combined with dry amla and turmeric (haldi). All you need is :

  1. Long Pepper (pippali)
  2. Dried Amla Pieces 
  3. Dried turmeric (whole)

Take equal quantity each of whole long pepper, dried amla pieces and dried whole turmeric. Blend them all together to form a nice powder. Store it into an airtight jar. Consume about 1 tsp or 3-4 gms of this powder twice a day in morning and afternoon along with a glass of  Buttermilk. Follow this for 2-3 months to lose weight naturally.


The roots of long peeper (pippali) are yet another useful ingredient for weight loss.


  • Take some quantity of long pepper roots and blend them make fine powder out of it.
  • sieve this powder well using a  fine strainer to get smooth powder out of it.
  • store it in  a bottle.
  • Consume this powder once a day along with a glass of buttermilk.
  • It will give better results if buttermilk is made out of cow milk.




Along with the above mentioned remedies, performing yoga asanas and a little exercise daily in the morning for some time will  double its benefits and give you desired results in a short span of time. Yoga asanas beneficial for weight loss are :

  1. Uttanpadasana
  2. Paschimottanasana
  3. Bhujangasana
  4. Dhanurasana
  5. Trikonasana
  6. Nauli Kriya

maxresdefaultNOTE :

  • One should take light food.
  • One should eat chapattis made out of whole wheat flour + wheat bran.
  • Eat green vegetables.
  • Do not consume tea or coffee.


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