Strong & Beautiful Nails : Naturally

Hands speaks a lot about a person’s personality and they are the most neglected part of our body too. Chapped and filthy nails  reflect lack of personal hygiene, while well-groomed finger and toe nails, undoubtedly, indicates a person’s neat, polished and healthy attitude. Despite all the efforts to make our nails look beautiful, most of us are bothered with brittle and dry nails that look awfully bad.

However, the basic rule for having beautiful nails is having healthy nails. Therefore, it is imperative to keep your nails healthy. Caring your nails with natural home made treatments, can surely make them healthy and pretty. Moreover these home remedies are inexpensive, more effective and are without any side effects. 


Lemons contain vitamin C that is essential for nail growth. Lemon juice helps in repairing damaged and ugly nails while removing ugly yellowish stains from the nail surface and giving it a bright sheen.


  1. To make your nails naturally lustrous and strong, take a cotton ball and dip it into lemon juice. Apply it on you nails.OR you can also also rub lemon peel directly on your nails.Leave it for some time and then wash it with normal water. Use this daily for some days and then once in a week.
  2. To improve the growth of nails, take warm water in a bowl and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. In another bowl take cold water and keep it aside. Now dip your nails in hot water and keep it there for 5-6 minutes. After 5-6 minutes immediately shift your nails from hot water to cold water bowl. This remedy is very helpful, if your nails do not grow well.




Olive oil is the another important ingredient for nail care. It penetrates deep into the skin and nails and thus helps nourish your nails, repair damaged nails leaving them strong and shiny.

Firstly, take some luke warm water in a bowl and add some shampoo or other cleanser to it. Dip your hands in this water for some time. Now wash your hands with normal water and wipe out with a towel. Now take some drops of olive oil and massage your nails gently with it for 5-7 minutes.As we know that olive oil is a rich source of vitamin-e, hence it improves blood circulation leaving your nails naturally strong and shiny.


Beetroot is a good source of calcium and vitamin-d. Morover, natural silica present in beetroot can help to strengthen nails, improve hair and skin.  It is indeed an amazing vegetable which has a number of health and beauty benefits.


Eating beetroot salad daily will makes your weak, dull nails much more strong , healthy and lustrous.


Another helpful ingredient that comes to your rescue when it comes to chapped and broken nails is Mustard oil. 

All you have to do do is firstly, clean your nails well with water to remove any dirt in it and wipe them using towel. Take slight warm mustard oil in a bowl and dip your nails into the oil. let your hands soak into warm mustard oil for about 10 minutes. Now take your hands out of the oil and start massaging gently over the nails. It will help to improve the blood circulation leaving your nails  more stronger and improves their growth.


Raisins are another important ingredient to get naturally pink and healthy nails. Raisins helps a lot in curing the deficiency of iron (anemia) in blood leaving your nails, cheeks and face naturally pink and glowing.


Take 10 gms or about 2 tsp full of Raisins, clean and wash them well. now soak them in some 100 gms of water for overnight. In the morning, eat the raisins and also drink the water in which you had soaked them. follow it regularly for 15-30 days.


Deficiency of calcium also can be the reason to weak and chappy nails hence, consuming milk and other calcium rich food will also help resolving many  nails related problems. 






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