Acne & Pimple : Home remedies to treat them Naturally !


Acne is basically a skin problem, which usually occurs when your skin produces excess sebum, leading to clogged pores and outbreaks of pimples.

Acne is common during puberty and is often considered a problem for teenagers, because of high hormonal changes. Acne becomes less common as people reach adulthood. Although people of any age can experience acne symptoms.

Your dermatologist can probably offer the best treatment for your acne, but there are a number of home remedies that can help as well.

♥  ORANGE PEEL face mask : 

Orange is the delicious juicy fruit that has many health as well as beauty benefits. You can relish your taste buds with oranges alongside keeping a clear glowing skin. To get the most out of oranges all you need to do is collect their peels dry them naturally (under shade) and make a dry powder out of it.  As it is a dry powder so it can be stocked for 3-4 months in an air tight jar. To make this mask all you need is :

  1. Orange Peel (fine) Powder  1 tsp
  2. Gram Flour (besan)  1 tsp
  3. Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) powder  2 tsp
  4. Water  as required

Mix all the Dry ingredients together. Add water to it and let it soak for 15 minutes. Now mix it well to form a fine smooth paste. Apply this paste on acne effected area OR all over your face. Wash it after 10 minutes with luke warm water. Use this mask for 4-6 weeks to get acne free soft smooth skin.


  • Take orange peel powder and add rose water to it to make a fine paste. Apply this paste on effected area. It is also very effective on acne, blemishes and other dark spots on face.
  • use the above mask  every 3-4 days to remove acne scars and get lighen skin.

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The combination of Rose water and Lemon Juice is an excellent remedy to cure acne and its scars. Lemon juice has always been a good remedy to cure acne and  on top of that, if you mix rose water it will complement each other perfectly and give a powerful effect. All you need is :

  1. Lemon Juice 60 gms
  2. Rose Water   60 gms

Mix equal quantity of lemon juice and rose water. Apply it on your face. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it with normal water.  Use it regularly for 10-15 days  to get rid of pimples and acne scars OR  You can simply rub lemon(cut into half) on your face directly and wash it after some time with normal water.Lemon-Juice-And-Rosewater-NeckNOTE :

  • You can store it in a bottle in a cool place.
  • If you are acne prone, face-touching absolutely can lead to breakouts. So one should avoid touching or breaking acne with hands.
  • Its better to take some hot water in a bowl and steam your face to clean it properly before applying the above lotion.

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♥  NUTMEG- RAW MILK mask :

Nutmeg is known to have curative properties that heal scars caused by everything from acne to sun spots. It’s known in Ayurveda for its antiviral and antibacterial elements that decrease the likelihood of infections, clogged pores, and oil control. to make this mask all you need is :

  1. Nutmeg
  2. Raw milk 2-3 tsp

Take a nutmeg and rub it on a hard surface along with some raw milk until a thick paste is formed. Apply this paste on effected area  and let it dry for some time. After it dries up, remove it by gently massaging with your hands and then wash your face with luke warm water. Use this twice a day and you will see the results in 2-3 days.Nutmeg+and+Milk+Face+Pack+For+Acne+ScarsNOTE :

  • It will cure acne leaving  your skin glowing and spot free.
  • You can also leave this paste overnight on your face and wash your face in the morning with normal water.




  • Along with the above treatments, consume 3 gms or 1 tsp of triphala powder with a glass of luke warm water before going to bed.



  • Take 10  gms of seeded raisins (munakka), clean them and wash them well. Now soak them in 60 gms of water for overnight. Eat them in morning (after deseeding them). Also have the water in which you  soak them. Follow it for one month regularly. Raisins helps in purifying blood and hence leaves you acne free.


  • Steaming your face helps to open your pores as well as aiding circulation in your face, leaving your skin clean, flushed and glowing. So to get rid of acne, use this steaming method once a week. For this, steam your face for 2-3 minutes, then wipe out your face with a wet towel.


  • Your spit is at the purest form in the morning. While being highly acidic, It will dry out pimples fast and accelerate the healing process. so just apply your morning spit (saliva) on the acne and wash your face with normal water after 15 minutes. You will see that your pimple will start drying up.


  • Neem (Azadirachta indica) has many medicinal properties and gives a great treat to the skin when applied. As a skin toner, it removes pigmentation and blemishes ,dries up the whiteheads, extracts the blackheads, clear off acne and pores, and moisturizes the skin. Rub the internal side of a neem bark on flat hard surface along with some water to make a paste. use this paste on effected area and wash it off  after 10-15 minutes.






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