Normal to Combination skin treatment : naturally


Your Skin type can be generally classified as dry skin, oily skin and normal to combination skin. One must be well aware of type of skin they have, before treating their skin. 0gemengde-huid-tzone

 Combination skin is a skin type most of the women generally have. As the name suggests, it is a combination of both oily and dry skin.  Oily on forehead, nose and chin on the other hand normal to dry on cheeks. Hence forming an oily T-ZONE  area. Such skin types also requires proper care and treatment and nature has a special role in it. Natural and homemade treatments not only leaves our skin naturally healthy and beautiful  but also are without any side effects. So here i am sharing some of my homemade skin treatments for normal to combination skin….

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Multani mitti is a magical ingredient for normal to combination type of skin. Regular use of it will not only cleanse pores of skin but also helps in lightening the color of your skin. To make this all you need is :

  1. Multani mitti 100 gms
  2. water to soak

Soak multani mitti in water for about 1-2 hours. After 1-2 hours, stir it well to make a (slight thick)  fine paste. Apply this paste to your face and body.

  • In winters, you can sit in sun for half an hour and then take bath with luke warm water.
  • In summers, you can sit in shade for half an hour and then take bath with normal water.


  • Can be used once a week.
  • Also suitable for people having oily and dry skin type.
  • Good substitute of soap.
  • a great remedy to deal with excessive sweating and bad bodyodour.




This pack is another useful remedy for normal to combination skin. It is very beneficial specially in summers, it refreshes your skin leaving it free from acne, spots and blemishes. It is also very useful in lightening your skin colour. You need :

  1. Multani mitti (fuller’s earth) soaked
  2. Rose water 2 tsp
  3. Raw milk 2 tsp

Mix all the ingredients together. Clean your face properly then Apply this pack on your face and neck. Leave it for 10-20 minutes. wash your face with normal water.

79648Multani Mitti Face Pack-10 Best Face PacksNOTE : 

  • Can add a pinch of sandalwood powder for fragrance.
  • also beneficial for sun tanned skin.



♥  LEMON-GLYCERIN lotion : 

This is another useful remedy for normal to combination skin. It will help in moisturizing your skin leaving it spots and blemish free. All you need is :

  1. lemon juice 10 gms (strain well)
  2. Rose water 10 gms
  3. Glycerin 10 gms

Take equal quantity of all three. Mix all together and store it in a bottle in cool place. Apply this lotion on your face as well as neck and massage with gentle hands. It will give better results if used at night before going to bed. Clean your face and apply it gentlyon your face and body. leave it for overnight. Although it feels a little sticky but the results it leaves on your skin are worth it.lemon-rose-water-and-glyceNOTE : 

  • Lemon juice helps in deep cleansing pores of your skin.
  • Can be used as daily moisturizer, specially in winters and as night lotion in all the seasons.
  • In case of acne proned skin, just skip glycerin and mix other two ingredients in equal quantity and use it as night lotion.




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